We over at *systemic are aiming to achieve a carbon-neutral production process in all of our products. We produce limited quantities to avoid leftover inventory and waste. Since we are in the business of making goods, we have the responsibility to understand our impact on the environment.

Longevity in our products and designs play a huge role in the creating process. We want our products to last decades and not months. Our organic cotton is grown without the use of any genetically modified fertilizers, pesticides, and other synthetic chemicals that are harmful to planet earth. Our fibers are recovered from either pre- or post-consumer sources, once sorted for quality and color, our fabrics are shredded into a fibrous state and turned in to your *systemic garments at home.

A big part of these fabrics are sourced from Italy, and put together in Portugal. Our workers have fair working conditions. They work under clean circumstances, good health conditions and are paid fairly.